“Shake the Handle” (book outline)

Title: Shake the Handle

  • Foreword: Jim Burson
  • Introduction: Shawn Bailey –  “Fix it”


“The Four Corners of Prosperity: Passion. Perseverance. People. Peace”

Section 1: “Passion”

-Part 1: No purpose, no passion

Section 2: “Perseverance”

-Part 1: Weary – Galatians 6:9
-Part 2: Blessed – James 1:12
-Part 3: Run the Race – Hebrews 12:1-3

Section 3: “People”

-Part 1: Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.
-Part 2: We are known by the company we keep.
-Part 3: True friendship

Section 4: “Peace”

-Part 1: We all need it; we can all have it.

  • Conclusion: “Touch all the bases.”